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The Velis Senate Expansion Is Now Underway…

At a low-key fundraiser Tuesday, Westfield Rep John Velis held court with local notables both from here and throughout the 2nd Hampden & Hampshire Senate district.

Massachusetts House approves Stolen Valor Act

The Massachusetts House on Wednesday unanimously passed the Stolen Valor Act, a bill proposed by State Rep. John Velis, D-Westfield, that would make it a crime to fake military service for financial gain.

“Stolen Valor Act” gains support in military community

A local State Representative’s bill is drawing a lot of attention and support from the military community. The bill would prohibit people from faking military service for financial gain.

It was filed by Westfield State Representative John Velis, a Captain in the U-S Army Reserves

Rep John Velis Files Bill To Help Firefighters Diagnosed With Parkinson’s Disease In Commonwealth

When Westfield resident and firefighter Greg Heath first started to feel tension in his right hand, there was no way he’d believe that three years later, he would find himself in State Representative John Velis’s office working to pass a piece of historic legislation. 

State Rep. John Velis will be deployed to Afghanistan in June

While his colleagues in the state Legislature are voting on the state budget and running for re-election, state Rep. John Velis, a Westfield Democrat, will be serving his country in Afghanistan.

Western Mass. Worried About Addiction Treatment Bill Implications

Lawmakers weighing a proposal to end the practice of sending men civilly committed for substance use to jail or prison heard Thursday from western Massachusetts officials who urged them not to act in a way that would leave their region without treatment beds.

Massachusetts House passes opioid addiction bill

After hours of debate and consideration of nearly 80 amendments, the Massachusetts House on Wednesday evening unanimously passed a comprehensive bill aimed at addressing opioid addiction.

Velis supports firefighter, education bills

This week has been another busy one with constituent work and being in Boston. I have been going across the state to best represent my constituents and home city, it has been a bit of a whirlwind altogether. Although I enjoy time in Boston, I look forward to the time I spend in the district above all else as I am able to meet with all of you.  It is so important to what I do that I am able to get your input.

Bill from Rep. John Velis would give veterans preference in police and fire hiring

Should a veteran get preference when a city or town hires a police officer or firefighter?

That question is at the center of what is likely to become a legislative debate between veterans groups and municipalities.

Rep. John Velis, pledging ‘bipartisan’ approach, asks voters to flip Massachusetts Senate seat from Republican to Democrat

State Rep. John Velis, D-Westfield, formally launched his campaign for Senate on Friday, asking voters to select a Democrat in a district that has been represented by a Republican since 1994.

Velis and Humason act to bridge politcal gap

Bringing together people with opposite political views often creates a volatile situation. To keep the peace and bring back civility, open discussion, and understanding, Better Angels is bringing political parties together in Western Massachusetts at their Sept. 30 bi–partisan public event.

State Representative John Velis returns from deployment in Afghanistan

State Representative John Velis has returned home from a six month deployment to Afghanistan.  Velis is a major in the U-S Army Reserves. Velis, a Democrat from Westfield, is the state representative for the 4th Hampden District.

House approves Student Opportunity Act, city dignitaries discuss

State Rep. John C. Velis called the Student Opportunity Act the “most consequential” vote he has taken.

Velis talks service, leadership with students

Some days, being a state representative are tougher than others.

Oct. 15 was not one of those days for state Rep. John C. Velis. Velis spent the morning speaking to second grade students at Paper Mill Elementary School on a variety of topics centered around his work as a legislator as well as a U.S. Army major.

From Yom Kippur to the State House to axe throwing, Velis recaps his week

I hope you have all had a good week with this cold weather getting more and more pervasive as we get farther into Halloween season, you can see all of the decorations coming out! This week was Yom Kippur and many people were given the opportunity in the State House to observe it by not holding formal session for those who celebrate. Not having session allowed me to spend more time in the district working on constituent issues and getting boots on the ground to help you all best I can.

Campaign Dispatch: Westfield state Rep. John Velis supports Super PAC disclosure bill

Since being elected last April in a special election, State Representative John Velis has already left his mark on the legislature, representing the 4th Hampden District.

After 8 Month Trial, a Full Term and a Full Plate for Velis

When John Velis first became the 4th Hampden’s representative, it was too late to file items for the budget himself, let alone legislation that could escape the labyrinthine committee process. 

John Velis is a member of the Army Reserves. Use of his rank, job title, or photos in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Army or DOD.
Paid for and authorized by the Committee to Elect John Velis.

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